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Emperor by Otaku [End + Side Story] - Posted By Loicher1967 (loicher1967) on 13th Jan 23 at 5:03am
As soon as Xuantai came out, the artistic conception contained in the word "kill" was suppressed, and the riots all over the body were calmed down. It was so close. Fortunately, I refined Xuantai, otherwise I would have died! Jiangnan breathed a sigh of relief and immediately repaired his body. When he recovered from the injury, he began to write in the emperor's calligraphy and continued to look at the word "kill" and try to figure it out carefully. This time, with the suppression of Xuantai, the artistic conception contained in the word "kill" could not hurt him. The last line of characters in the emperor's calligraphy are "kill", "stir", "town", "seal", and "broken". Each character contains great danger. Even if Jin Dongliu gets this treasure, he dares not look at the last six characters, so as not to be destroyed. Jiangnan, however, studied the six characters one by one. Then he put away the calligraphy of the emperor and said to himself, "This volume of calligraphy of the emperor is a good thing, especially the last six characters. Each character can evolve into a very powerful magical power. It will not be inferior to the magical power I created!" "The emperor is indeed the strongest man in the world!" Today, Monday, the curtilage pig begged everyone to spend a few seconds to log in to the starting point account,cosmetic tube packaging, cast a few recommended votes for Emperor Zun, and compete for the ranking of the classification list. Dizun's subscription results are not good, we can only rely on everyone's recommendation tickets to increase the chance to show up, thank you! Chapter 283 selling blood. One second to remember "Cotton Candy Novel www. Mianhuatang. La", to provide you with a wonderful novel to read. Xiu Cheng Lian Tai, Jiangnan's body is more than twice as strong as before, coupled with the understanding of the emperor's thunder word, let him swallow the cloud of plunder,empty lotion tubes, the power of the cloud of plunder was absorbed by his body without half a waste, his body strength is now harder than the general treasure of Shenfu! "I wonder how strong my body is now?" Jiangnan mind slightly move, the amount of robbery array map suddenly appeared, a shout spread out, his own into the array map. The space in the map suddenly annihilated, everything turned into Xuanhuang Erqi, stirring crazily, Jiangnan snorted, only to feel the unimaginable pressure from all sides, to assimilate his body! When he refined the array map, he used many array methods of the Demon Gate. One of its functions was to assimilate and restore other things into Xuanhuang Erqi. The more strong people buried in this array map, the stronger the power of the array map. At this moment, the power of this array map is stronger than that of killing Fa Tian. Jiangnan stands alone in the space of annihilation. Although he is under great pressure, the power brought by the annihilation of the array map has never been able to strangle him! His flesh, plastic laminted tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, blood, and skin, as they break and grow, are always able to withstand the strangulation of the array. If I fight with Fa Tian again, I will stand there, even if I don't sacrifice the mountain and sea tripod, the monk Fa Tian may not be able to break through my physical defense! Jiang Nan got up and drew out the map. He put it away and restored it to a scroll of calligraphy and painting. He sent it to the Lotus Terrace. He said to himself, "My physical strength is much stronger than that of Monk Fa Tian. It is probably equivalent to that of Elder Han of the Dragon and Tiger Sect who died in my hands. Even if it is stronger than him.". It is also too strong to be limited. So it seems that the amount of robbery array map also needs to be upgraded to the level of the treasure of Liantai, otherwise when I meet a person whose body is similar to mine, this volume of array map will not be able to help him. Realm ascension, he still has a lot of work to be busy, the amount of plunder array map can be sent to the lotus platform to warm up, with the help of Taoist patterns to continuously enhance the power, thousand wings Shenzhou, Taoist sound drum, Tianmo Qin and dragon pattern mountain and sea clothes can also be sent to the lotus platform to warm up. But Tianfu Chonglou, Wujie Bell, Shanhai Ding, Geomagnetic yuan Axe and other treasures, because they are made of five-color gold, can not be branded on them. It can only be upgraded by re-casting and then driving in the grain. Jiangnan asked Xuantai to remelt and refine these treasures in Zifu. His cultivation improved, and Xuantai's power became stronger and stronger. He also suppressed the divinity of the immortal Hades and absorbed the divinity. At this moment, Xuantai was able to control the fifth flame of the divine fire calmly, so as not to let the flame get out of control and hurt Jiangnan's body. With Xuantai Refining Treasure, he was much more relaxed and saved the process of refining himself. Tuoba Lanyun has sent eight million catties of five-color gold in the past two years. There are still two million catties left to complete the transaction, which must be these days.
She had collected enough five-color gold, but she didn't send it. She might as well go to the South China Sea again! Jiangnan immediately controlled the vulture demon king and flew slowly to the South China Sea. After killing Monk Fa Tian, there were still three people above him on the Tiger List, including Second Elder Martial Brother Yang Luo. In addition to Yang Luo, the other two people have not been in his eyes, too lazy to challenge, for a higher ranking. Fa Tian Monk Xiu Cheng Shen Fu. Xiu Wei's strength is above the other two, second only to Yangluo, so the two people on the list are really not challenging for Jiangnan. Yangluo is the Second Elder Martial Brother of Emperor Shengzong. His cultivation strength is unfathomable. He has the strength of both the Protoss and the Terran. When he met Jiangnan, he had already reached the Qibaotai realm. In the past two years, his strength must be more overbearing, and he is worthy of the first place in the Tiger List, and Jiangnan thinks he is not as good as him. Even in the heart of Jiangnan. Yangluo's strength is even stronger than Fengmanlou! If Yangluo is still in Shengzong, with his strength and mind, he is naturally the best candidate for the next master. If he challenges, he is afraid that many of the chief disciples on the Dragon List will be unstable! "It's a pity that Elder Martial Brother Yangluo is the son of the Protoss of Yangyi, and his heart is to the Protoss. Otherwise, he can make my Holy Zong shine brilliantly!" Jiangnan secretly felt sorry for Xi Yingqing. Two of Xi Yingqing's four disciples died. Yang Luo went to the underworld and did not return. Feng Manlou will be incognito in the future. He will be the knife in Jiangnan's hand and become his shadow! What makes Jiangnan feel most sad and sorry is Fengmanlou. Although this elder brother of Shengzong is not a dazzling figure like Jin Dongliu, his aptitude is rare in the world, and he can keep pace with Shenqian,plastic cosmetic tubes, Tianyao Saint and others. But for the sake of Shengzong's future, he can only make great sacrifices! The Dragon and Tiger Wind and Cloud List is hanging on the South China Sea, and many of the chief disciples on the Dragon List must compete for the ranking. It must be very lively. The Tiger List is no longer challenging. I wonder where I can rank on the Dragon List? 。