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Quick wear raiders: the female partner is poisonou - Posted By Pactionly70 (pactionly70) on 14th Dec 22 at 2:28am
But Zhuo Yun this person, is also a famous jealous person, the eyes can not tolerate half a grain of sand, this is why the idle let after the idle road to Zhuo Yun to take care of, in a twinkling of an eye, Zhuo Yun threw the child into the cold palace, because she loves idle let, so can not stand idle let and other women's children. It was right for him not to go to Yunfei's palace today. He didn't know how much trouble he would have to bear from her. Lan Zhao appreciates the ruthlessness of Xianmo. He needs this ruthlessness to kill the enemy on the battlefield. He never says anything more about the harem in front of your majesty, but if your majesty is angry and pleads for Xianmo, he is willing to do so. You have a reason for being late today, but being late is being late, so I'm going to punish you, and you're okay with that, right? "Yes." Xianmo bowed his head and said, "I don't mind how the master punishes me." "Well, at noon today, you will continue to stay in the martial arts arena, when the sun is at its strongest, and you will be exposed to the sun for an hour." He answered without hesitation, "Yes." "Not good!" "It's June," cried the scenery. "It's so hot. What can you do if you get sunstroke?" He raised his eyes slightly and did not make a sound, but told her with a smile in his eyes that he would be all right. The scenery suddenly could not say a word. What Lan Zhao said was never false. At the height of the scorching sun, Xianmo stood in the center of the martial arts arena, surrounded by hot air,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but he had been motionless for almost half an hour, while an hour in ancient times referred to two hours. The scenery looked at Lan Zhao sitting in the shade of a tree not far away, where he was drinking tea leisurely, looking back at the leisurely road under the scorching sun, and his white and tender face was red from the sun. Chapter 1032 strategy poisonous Lord of the Villa. She floated beside him and put her hands on his face. A leisurely meal, blinked, some cute. The scenery asked him, "Do you feel more comfortable?"? Blink once if you feel comfortable, and blink twice if you feel uncomfortable. He blinked his eyes. The scenery breathed a sigh of relief,caustic calcined magnesite, "Fortunately, I am different from you ordinary people, can make you feel cold, now I am really glad that I am." Aw, a fairy. She almost said the word "ghost". A smile came into his eyes. Not far away, Lan Zhao naturally observed the change in his expression, and he secretly said to himself, "How can this child be punished to bask in the sun so happily?"? The scenery accompanied Xianmo to stand in the sun for an hour, although she tried very hard to make Xianmo cool, but her strength was limited, so when the time came, Xianmo's clothes had been soaked with sweat. Lan Zhao didn't embarrass him any more. He said, "Prince, go back and have a good rest today. You don't have to come over tomorrow morning. Take a day off." "Yes, Master." Even though the body is very tired, Xianmo is still very disciplined to bow and salute. The scenery is still fanning him beside him. "Great, Amo, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, you can have a good rest tomorrow." Although there is no difference between Lan Zhao's move and a slap in the face and then a mouthful of candy, it is also a very happy thing for him to get a chance to rest. However, when he was walking on the way back to Yihe Palace, he was blocked again. This time it was not the shrimp soldiers and crab generals who came, but the cloud imperial concubine with the imperial guards. Seeing Xianmo, Zhuo Yun's beautiful face was filled with deep disgust and anger. She waved her hand and said, "Commander Zhang, he bullied the two princes and hurt people in the palace wantonly. Why don't you take it down quickly?" Zhang Xu was a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was also the commander of the imperial guards. When he heard Zhuo Yun's command, he was not in a hurry, because he was not stupid. Naturally, he knew that he was a big prince, but if he deliberately hurt people with a sharp weapon in the palace, he could not ignore it. The big prince. Zhang Xu first saluted and then asked, "How dare you ask the eunuch Xiao Gaozi in Huimenggong was hurt by the big prince?" "Yes." The idle face does not change color. Zhang Xu didn't expect him to answer so quickly. He was stunned for a moment. Then he said, "Prince, you can't hurt people with sharp weapons in the palace. Please go with Xiaoguan.".
” Zhang Xu is not stupid, on the contrary, is also very smart, he knew in your majesty's heart, cloud imperial concubine and two princes is a very important existence, now the queen knee without children, view of your majesty's meaning is not to put the big prince in the position of the prince, that now, the biggest winner of the situation or cloud imperial concubine empress this side, what's more, he caught the big prince is not without reason, Have to bear a sentence not afraid of dignitaries, loyal to their duties, no one can get his fault, that can please the cloud imperial concubine, why not? Xian Mo did not say anything, he just looked at Zhang Xu coldly, as if he was waiting for him to come forward and catch himself. But Zhang Xu, who also practiced martial arts, knew that he was waiting for his own action, and that as soon as he moved, he would quickly draw his sword against his weakness. Zhang Xu has seen the skill of Lan Zhao, the general who is called invincible, also known as the man who has no rivals in martial arts, his move is the same, not to move is to kill the enemy. Chapter 1033 strategy poisonous Lord of the Villa. Zhang Xu, who was over thirty years old, saw such a strong sense of oppression in a twelve-year-old child. He dared not move, because he was suddenly not sure how much strength the child had and whether he could really kill himself at one stroke. But Zhuo Yun was not a person who practiced martial arts. She couldn't understand, so she said angrily, "Zhang Xu, why don't you do it?" Zhang Xu knew for the first time that a woman could be so noisy, but he still did not answer, he was staring at the teenager in front of him, he was also waiting for a chance to win his chance. It was at this time that the elegant empress came. Behind her is a series of palace people, ostentation is naturally filled with Yunfei, dressed in formal clothes, she is beautiful,calcium ammonium nitrate price, delicate makeup is to maximize the charm of her face. Let listen to the snow a smile, the end is full of brilliance, "this is not the cloud imperial concubine and Zhang commander?"? Why are you all here? 。